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Our Story

Owner and head chef Sokunthea migrated to America during 1989 after being in a refugee camp in Thailand after the Khmer Rouge Genocide. After being separated from her mother and father, with her brother they sought refugee in camps. In the camps she was reunited with her aunts and uncles. While in Thailand, Chef Sokunthea discovered her love for cooking at a young age. There she learned how to make Thai food after being mentored by a Thai woman who worked at the camps.

      In 1989 Chef Sokunthea migrated to Chicago, IL and started high school. In high school she met Vanny Kham, got married and started a family. After years of working in a factory she wanted to pursue her dreams in owning a restaurant. In 2003 She opened a restaurant in Chicago. Things didn't turn out well and from there Sokunthea and Vanny moved to South Bend, IN. Sokunthea received a job working in the north dining hall at Notre Dame. Realizing there were not a lot of ethnic options in town, she took a chance and decided to open another restaurant.

     In 2005 , she started Cambodian Thai Restaurant. The restaurants strives in making dishes to order with the option of your choice of meat, and spices. All recipes were inspired by the times in the refugee camp.

   Almost 16 years later and we are still standing strong. With Her husband, daughter and son by her side, we strive to provide you with fresh, made to order dishes with homemade sauces and recipes created by Chef Sokunthea and Vanny Kham.

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